‘Is Now the Time?’ A New TV Show with Dr Dain Heer and Ickonic Media

January 14, 2022

New series 'Is Now The Time?' with Dr. Dain Heer launches on Ickonic Media

Dr. Dain Heer launches a new TV show, exclusive to Ickonic Media, with practical tools to help you change anything in your life and start enjoying living.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- What would it be like to wake up every morning and be truly alive? That is Dr Dain Heer’s invitation to his viewers in a brand new TV show he launches with Ickonic Media on January 15th 2022.

Premiering at the 9th annual Access Global Bars Day in Houston, the 10 episode series will be full of practical tools for the type of person Dr Heer calls the “dissatisfied dreamer”: people who are seeking more happiness and fulfilment in life, but aren’t sure how to create it.

“My vision for the series is to empower you to know that you know, to give you the tools to trust you and to know that life can be fun again, even in the world we are living in.” says Dr Heer.

The brand new TV series is exclusive to the Ickonic Media streaming service - the home of life transforming films and empowering original series.

Dr Heer is delighted to have found a home on Ickonic, and says that his intention for the series is to share the exact tools he has used to transform his own life with as many people as possible, and show people that life can be enjoyable.

“How many people are walking through life on autopilot, or unhappy with their current situation, but have accepted that this is the way it needs to be? My hope is that this show will inspire everyone to know that you can enjoy being alive, and create a life that is greater than anything you can comprehend right now. You don’t need to stay stuck in today’s drama and chaos. You can navigate your life on your terms.” says Dain.

“I want to show people that it is possible to change anything in your life, and that their unique difference is their strength and gift! Is now the time to get how truly amazing you are? “says Dain.

The best selling author and global speaker has dedicated the past 21 years to seeking joy after setting a date to end his own life. Since choosing to live, Dain has dedicated his life’s work to providing hope to millions of people globally, and has been featured in media outlets including Fox, Today, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal and more.

The series will explore the nature of consciousness, energy and how to harness your own awareness, and will cover a number of topics based on the tools of Access Consciousness, including:

Getting off autopilot and into the present moment,
Consciousness - what it is, and how to use it in your everyday life
The power of a question, and why having “answers” isn’t the key
Embracing your difference
Tapping into your energetic capacities
Why receiving is a key to creating the life ( and future) you desire

Is now the time to stop making yourself wrong for being different, and start living the life you deserve? Tune in on January 15th to start creating the change you desire!

Dr. Dain is available for press interviews by contacting justine@mckellmedia.com .

Watch the trailer here and you can sign up for your 14 day free trial at Ickonic or find out more at www.Ickonic.com/IsNowTheTime

About Dr Dain Heer
Dr. Dain Heer is an international author and speaker, and renowned for his joyful approach to life and his provocative perspectives on consciousness and creation. He is the creator of International Being You Day (May 22nd) and co-creator of Access Consciousness. His book, Being You, Changing the World is published in 17 languages. For more information visit www.drdainheer.com

About Access Consciousness
Access ConsciousnessⓇ is a system of tools, techniques, and processes that can change every aspect of your life. Delivered through seminars, telecasts, online training, books, audios, and consultations, Access Consciousness has over 500,000 facilitators worldwide and is available in over 175 countries. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access is designed to create greater possibilities and more ease, joy, and glory in your life. Learn more at www.accessconsciousness.com.

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